Barbados Wireless Networking

Barbados Wireless Networking Services - (Brecal, Inc.)

All of our wireless and networking services are provided by our sister company Brecal Inc.

We provide a range of wireless system design, consulting and installation services in Barbados. For most commercial design/installations, we will be glad to provide a written quote for the equipment and installation services based on your company's specific situation. 

  • Design - The initial phase of any wireless project is to determine the specific application needs and the predicted demand.  For larger businesses and resorts this may involve a site survey to map out coverage areas, establish base usage, and predicting future growth.
  • Installation - Brecal, Inc. can install wireless networks in offices with as few as two computers as well as in larger businesses with a greater number wireless clients.  We specialize in installation services for high-speed Internet access to small business and Barbados resort owners. Call us and we'll be glad to give you a quote on any size installation.
  • Testing - Before we turn a wireless network over to our clients, we conduct signal strength tests throughout the physical site and areas of services.  We will map out the coverage to insure you get a wireless network that provides optimum connectivity for your needs.
  • Security - A wireless network requires a higher level of security from the very nature of the wireless based connectivity.  We can conduct a wireless audit and recommend available security options.
  • Maintenance - Let us keep your wireless system up to date with regular checkups and testing.  We offer maintenance contracts at very affordable rates.  Interference and configuration changes may slow your wireless connectivity and cause throughput problems.  Since wireless technology is our specialty, we will likely be aware of new equipment and firmware upgrades before the average user/owner.

Barbados Wireless Services

  • Design and Consulting
  • Hardware Sales and Installation
  • Configuration and Testing
  • Security Audit
  • Maintenance  and Support

 Barbados Resorts

"Guests traveling to Barbados expect high-speed internet access.  Resort owners find wireless high-speed internet access is the most affordable option to provide this service."

A lot of resort owners can provide this service to their guests at a very reasonable cost.  It is much more affordable than installing the necessary equipment required for many data-cable solutions.  It also requires less restrictions on your guests to enjoy other services and areas of your resort.

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Barbados Web Hosting

Barbados Web Hosting Services

"Don't host your business on the same server as gambling, adult, or other undesirable sites, which the search engines like Google™ and Yahoo™  frown upon. "

If you currently are hosting a website - check your domain and/or your hosting providers domain to see what other sites may be hosted on the server using a resource like

We know hosting!  We use fully managed Dell servers running HSphere control panel software. Our clustered server environment is fully managed by Cartika IT Solutions.

We offer Linux, FreeBSD, and Windows based server environments.  We can tailor a shared hosting solution to fit your budget needs or provide you with a fully managed dedicated server solution.  We do not load our servers with thousands of websites and we personally choose which sites and clients to provide hosting for.  For this reason we do not offer a public "instant sign-up" hyperlink for our hosting packages.

If you have been given a username/password you may view our hosting packages here.

Our Network

  • We use Cisco Routers and Firewalls, Extreme Switches and Dell Server Hardware.

  • With our own core router and are able to handle our own routes to and from all servers in any cabinet across our Edge network.  Dedicated server clients can benefit from this with the creation of their own Local Network, within our primary Network - all traffic between the clients servers is considered "Local" and Non-Billable.

  • Barbados Web Design servers are colocated at the facility in Dallas, Texas, USA.

  • Located at the edge of downtown Dallas on one of the most fiber rich routes in the city, the fully-equipped, 28,000 square foot facility is staffed around the clock. With uncompromising standards for security, power supply and environmental controls, they focus on connectivity, redundancy and resilience.

  • Fully redundant Cisco architecture using 12008 routers and 6509 Layer3 switches

  • HSRP failover protection

  • Dual network feeds to each customer

  • 100% Service Level Agreement

Data Center Facility Details

Power Systems

  • Leibert and Powerware UPS with 120, 208, 220VAC available
  • 2400 amps DC plant

  • 100% diesel generator backup with auto start and auto transfer switch

  • Generator capacity equal to building utility service

  • A and B DC plants totally diverse

  • Fuel capacity exceeds 24 hours

  • Fuel delivery contract with 2-hour guarantee

Environmental Controls

  • Liebert air

  • Under-floor cooling

  • Humidity control via Liebert units

Security and Access

  • Biometric Scanner

  • Multiple layers of 24x7 security cameras, card readers, and key pads

  • Access to equipment area 24x7 via card key and key pads

  • Facilities are monitored with 24 hour recording and 5 day video storage

Fire Suppression Systems

  • Pre-action sprinkler rated for telecommunication equipment/computer room

  • Integrated smoke/heat detector system

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barbados web development

Barbados Designers, Website Development, and Redesign

Barbados Web Design (BWD) and their designers are about building websites that establish online authority and drive targeted website traffic through our own proven website development methodologies. Owning a website presence is easy, having one that gets found in the search engines and gets targeted traffic is what will make your online presence a success.

Working with BWD you can expect validated website coding from W3C Validated HTML to W3C Validated CSS we consistently meet the expectations of the We apply proven programming methods that produce clean and validated coded for any website we build. Producing clean coded websites is the fundamentals of our work ethic in optimizing for search engine performance and visitor usability.

Barbados Web Design encourages anyone developing a site to take advantage of our industry competitor analysis services, which includes an online marketing plan. Understanding your online competitors and their strategies opens new doors in improving your search engine ranking. Investing in a website development plan builds a strong foundation for you to be a competitor in your own industry.

Ecommerce Solutions & Shopping Carts

Barbados Web Design uses and specializes in StaticStore and StaticCart ecommerce solutions.  We work closely with the developers of these ecommerce scripts and can implement these products into virtually any existing website design, or into a completely new design.

Don't end up with store building or shopping cart software that will severely limit your products online marketing ability. StaticStore and StaticCart is finally the answer for site administrators who need a versatile, flexible store building software.

  • Implement your shopping cart easily
  • Add a purchase form on any type of HTML page
  • Built in Search facility allows users to search your entire store!
  • Already have a list of products in a database or spreadsheet? We can import your products and all details easily!
  • Process orders offline by writing orders to a MySQL database, file, email, or all - with order confirmation emails sent to both you and the customer

Design/Development Services

  • Website Development
  • Search Engine Positioning
  • Website Usability
  • Website Traffic Monitoring
  • Online Marketing
  • Ecommerce/Shopping Carts
  • Anything else you have on your mind... Just ask!


"Consultation is a great way to save money!"

A lot of businesses spend huge amounts of money building elaborate websites without a plan or strategy and often are disappointed by the return on investment.

Our website development consulting encompasses discussing and evaluation of  your website needs, understanding your business or niche industry and determining the mechanics of your online presence.

We learn about your target market, primary product or services, and whether your websites goals are to be informative or if e-commerce solutions will be implemented.

We take online marketing seriously.  Without an online marketing plan or understanding of whom and what your competitors are doing, there is no real way to be competitive.

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Barbados Web Design

About Barbados Web Design

Barbados Web Design is a consulting company specializing in marketing, promotion and defining of small to medium sized businesses through internet technologies and promotion services. A true alternative to in-house resources and offers a very high level of practical experience, know how, contacts, and confidentiality.

Clients know that working with Barbados Web Design is a more professional, less risky way to develop new areas than working completely in house with their own people. Its founders are internet marketers providing consulting services, web development, search engine optimization, and professional industry research, in both local and international markets.

We have worked with local Barbados businesses and many Worldwide companies. We excel at providing excellence in fulfilling the promise completely, confidentially, and reliably.

"Our experience with Barbados Web Design (BWD) has been they are a very precise and thorough company who delivers the goods on time and according to schedule. In doing so they cut no corners and refuse to compromise their professional standards even when confronted with competition offering what at first appear to be lower prices. This being a characteristic not usually found in many companies.

What I found most impressive of all however, was the fact that they took the time to acknowledge our corporate culture/ideology, and succeeded in engineering the site to reflect these characteristics. My previous experiences with people in his field being that they tend to have their own concepts/ideas and then try to impose them upon the customer. "

Martin E. Hughes
Lashley Enterprises


"Thanks for creating a design which is fast loading, refreshing and clean.  It works perfectly throughout the many areas of our site..."

The Home Improvement Web

Barbados Wines at Platinum Wines

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